Thursday, 24 April 2014

Pottery Class #3!

Last night at pottery class was a night of painting! I was hoping to be able to do something with the bowl I had set aside last class but I misjudged how long the painting would take. I should have known seeing it took Mom and I two hours to paint the two little bowls when we did the drop in class.

It takes so long because you have to ideally do two or three layers and each layer needs to dry otherwise it can end up streaking. I definitely rushed the last bowl so we'll see how it turns out. It is so hard to tell how it is going to look while going since the paint colour is so different than the finished product. It is especially hard when layering the different colours on top of each other (which is apparently the thing to do).

My goblet from last week turned out great! The instructor pushed the bottom in a little so it wouldn't crack in the kiln as the base was so thin. However, it still cracked a little bit in the center of the base but she said to just drop a lot of paint in the cracks and it will be fine. Yay!

The instructor whisked away most of my stuff before I could take a picture but I managed to snap one of the salt and pepper shaker (I painted a blue S and P under the yellow which I was told would absolutely show up post-kiln). My 'flower' bowl was painted with a layer of dark rust, then I wiped off most of the paint, leaving the dark colour in the grooves, and painted over everything with teal. The idea is that the dark rust color will make the grooves pop.

I painted the mug from last week the same as the green/yellow square and everything else the same as the teal tile. I followed the instructions on the back of the tile so I'm sure it will turn out exactly the same... Or maybe it will be something completely different. If it turns out weird, I can always repaint it and send it back to the kiln!

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