Monday, 3 October 2016


Well, I had a busy week/weekend. We drove to Halifax on Wednesday to see David and Cindy off to New Zealand, where they'll be bumming around/herding sheep/picking kiwis for the next year (I don't actually know what they'll be doing, but neither do they, so I figure it'll be something with sheep or fruit).

Then on Thursday, Amy and I zoomed off to Montreal for the Adele concert Friday night. We spent the day wandering around downtown Montreal. We somehow did the "Allison's tour of Old Montreal parking lots." I had the map and somehow we ended up walking down a pier in Old Montreal that the map said was the 'look off.' It was pretty at the end of the pier but to get there, we walked through a parking garage. It was very strange as we saw everyone on the other pier walking by trees and other much more picturesque sights. Ah well.

The 'look off'

Another church!
The concert was amazing! Adele was so good and the best part was that we didn't have to sit through a terrible opening act. Our seats overlooked the back stage so they ended up being way better than we had expected. It was all amazing. The only downside was when we left, we were all herded out into some construction zone that was fenced in and no one could move. We all shuffled to the right, then the left, with no one knowing what was happening. Eventually, Amy and I gave up and walked back up the stairs to where the box seats were. It was much easier to get out from there but Amy's lungs were not happy with all the stairs.

Waiting for Adele!!
It was a super quick trip to Montreal as we came home on Saturday. Needless to say, all the driving and walking around Montreal made us both quite tired Sunday.

I realized it somehow became October over all this driving around. How is it October already?!

I had my bloodwork this morning so I'll find out this afternoon or tomorrow if the antibiotic is working or if my white count has dropped off. I really hope it's been okay seeing as I was in a giant crowd on Friday. I washed my hands all the time but that still doesn't prevent against everything. I really don't want to get sick.

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