Monday, 24 October 2016

Cards, cards, cards!

For the past week, (actually, it started the week I spent at Amys), I've been madly making Christmas cards. I signed up to sell them at a Springhill Christmas craft fair on Nov 5th and have been cutting and gluing ever since. I have no idea how well attended this craft fair is as it's not the 'big' Springhill one (I'll be in Toronto during the large community center fair otherwise I would try to sell some there) so I have no clue how many cards to make. I just hope I can sell enough to make my 10$ table fee back.

And then I don't know which designs people are going to like. I've been harassing people all week about which designs they like best to try and get an idea of what people would buy. I hope my and Amys friends are representative of the Springhill population. Whatever I don't sell I'll either save and send next year or see if anyone else wants to buy a fun Christmas card.

My 8 different options! The mittens say "Merry Christmas", "Happy Holidays", and 'Happy Hanukkah'.

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