Sunday, 23 October 2016

Goodbye garden

We pulled up the last of the garden today. The pepper plants were still hanging on a bit but everything else was very much dead. We got so many tomatoes from our plants, it was incredible. The teens liked to throw the ripe tomatoes at each other but I picked all ours when they just started to turn and ripened them inside so we didn't loose too many to teenage shenanigans. They're now salsa-d (that should really be a verb) and bottled in our cold cellar.

And the ground cherries! It was such a good summer for them. They totally took over the plot. I can't believe the plants I started from the seeds I saved from the previous year, grew so well. Fingers crossed it can happen again next year. I ended up freezing today's haul.

One hald-dead ground cherry plant. Most of the ground cherries were green  but a lot were ripened okay.
One little flower holding on.

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