Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Forgetting digestive enzymes

I made a delicious chili for supper Saturday night, nothing fancy but it turned out really well. So then we ate it again for supper Sunday night. And I remember a few bites in, wondering if I took my digestive enzymes. I remembered drinking some water so I felt I must've taken the enzymes because why else would I drink water before eating.

Now I'm not so sure as that night the chili had its revenge.

I had the worst cramps all night. It was exhausting. Sometimes these things happen even when I take all my pills so I'm not even positive that I forgot them. Perhaps it was just the beans seeking revenge.

It was a terrible night. I barely slept and was drained yesterday as a result. Isaiah brought me some yogurt to eat for breakfast in bed before I slept for the entire morning. Stupid chili.

Taking enzymes before I eat anything is such a routine that it's always hard to remember if I've taken them. It's such a refex that I'm usually sure I've taken them but sometimes I stare at the bottle willing myself to remember the last 5 minutes. It's weird how easy it is to forget.

It's gotten worse for me over the past year as I now have to take insulin before every meal. Because it's so ingrained for me to do something before a meal, I find I'll inject myself and start eating without taking my pills. Because my body has done it's "before meal" activity. It's not yet use to routinely doing two things before every meal. I usually catch myself but then I have cases like Sunday night. And with such a bean-and-protein-heavy meal, I feel the effects.

My poor digestive tract. It's still not completely happy with me.

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