Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Happy 23 months lungiversary to me! Can you believe in one month it'll have been 2 years?! I sure can. 

I mentioned briefly on my increased lung function post that I've been jogging a lot the past month. I've actually been really good at exercising regularly since stopping chemo. I've been jogging on and off since June but for the past month or so, I've been trying to be more consistent about it. I started out with 30 second intervals as I was afraid my knee would bust out on me like it did last summer. I've been wrapping it and so far, so good. I blame my knee but 30 seconds was about all the rest of my body could handle at the time too.

After all summer, I've built up to one minute jogging/walking intervals this past two weeks which is pretty good for me. I'm wheezing by the end of it but I can last 20 minutes. Although one min intervals is basically the first step of all the 'couch to 5km' programs which is less than encouraging. So now I'm going to try and build up at the same rate as those programs and in 8 weeks I'll be running 5km! Or something like that. That would mean increasing to 90 seconds this week which, as I currently check my timer around the 50 sec mark, I'm not super confident in my ability to do. I may end up sticking with my 5 or 10 second increases for now. I'll get there eventually.

On my none jogging days, I've been lifting weights in our little sun room. That has also been going well. I don't change up my routine very often but while it's boring, I can do it all pretty quickly as I don't have to think of which exercise comes next. I think I am getting stronger in small intervals which is really encouraging. It's such a nice change to feel healthy and strong again.

Great job me!

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LittleM said...

If you ever start step-counting, add me! I need to get some intensity stuff in too...