Thursday, 20 October 2016

Improving lung function!

I had my monthly lung function test today and my fev1 was 2.04 or 71%!!!! Since recovering from the cancer, it has been holding steady around 64% so I figured that was as high as it was going. That's where I plateaued last year before the cancer so it seemed about right.

And now, for some reason, it's jumped 6%! It hasn't jumped with my microspirometer at home (not that I really get consistent numbers with that). I think the real test will be to see if it can be repeated next month or if I was having a fluke good day or maybe the machine was off. But I still think it's a cause to celebrate. I really didn't think my lung function would improve anymore.

I'm trying to figure out what I've done differently this past month. I feel like I'm exercising about the same but I have been jogging three time a week instead of the hiking and cycling I was doing all summer. Maybe jogging slowly for one minute spurts is better for the lungs than cycling? I guess it does get my heart rate up a lot faster. And maybe the hyperventilation-feeling is good for lung strengthening? The sound of my post-jog strangled breathing made Amy a bit concerned one day last week as she was convinced I was going to fall over in her kitchen. But now I can say I was improving my lung function. Hurray!


LittleM said...

OMG!! YAYYYYYYYYY!!! I think switching up exercises is a good experiment on these new breathers!! My last week or two have been exactly that.. and my mystery is the same on a shorter timeline! WOOOO! So happy for you girl... and also for your sis who gets to celebrate with you and picture her future too!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Wonderful news! A great thing to celebrate one month from two years!