Friday, 7 October 2016

Trying not to get sick

Now that it's October, I've become super paranoid that something terrible is going to happen health-wise. In October 2014, my lungs seriously started failing. Last October was when I got my first blood transfusions for my low hemoglobin before the doctors discovered the underlying cause of cancer.

So yeah, I'm slightly concerned that something is going to happen this year too. I mean, I really hope it doesn't and that it was just a weird coincidence that my health issues happen in the fall. But I always did have a trend of getting 'back to school/cool weather' cold in Sept or Oct so I wouldn't be surprised if that trend continued. I just really hope my October illness can limit itself to something like a minor head cold. That would be acceptable.

Also, if everyone could get their flu shot, that would be swell. I know they're often not super effective but let's do what we can to not pass on infections. Thanks.

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