Wednesday, 5 October 2016

White count is good!

My white count is good. Hurray! I could've taken the subway in Montreal afterall! I can go into crowds! Hang out with sick people! (ok, so not really, I still need to be super careful but at least it isn't zero). 

It must've been the chemo drugs still in my system that crashed my count out in May. I was really hoping that was the case as I didn't want to have to try new medication. My main meds have been fairly stable for the past bit and I like it that way.

My vitamin levels still seem to be all over the place though. There is something about the transplant meds that increase the absorption of certain vitamins, or maybe it's the body being unable to get rid of the vitamins, either way, it's a very gradual process. I was told that it was common for people with CF to have a spike in their Vit E post-transplant but that hasn't happened to me yet. I did have a spike in my Vit A recently so I've stopped my multiviatmin as that's my main source of Vit A. No more Flintstones for me! It's great to stop taking them, they're so gross.

I thought two years post-transplant that I would be done with all the medication and vitamin changes but there always seems to be little adjustments that need to be made. I had restarted my iron in May after stopping it while on chemo and was told last week to stop it again. I guess my body is absorbing enough on its own. No complaints from me, I would like to take as few pills as possible.

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