Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Job Interview!

I have a job interview tomorrow! Eek!! I haven't been to an interview in forever. I better find some good answers for my greatest strengths and weaknesses and a time I had to deal with conflict. And maybe some of my favorite authors as it's a library job? Job interviews are the worst.

The job itself is at the Springhill library for a few hours a week. I thought it would be a great low-key job for getting back to work. It's also just up the hill so the commute would be very short. As in, I will walk up the hill.

Anyway, fingers crossed.


Ruth Boughan said...

Sounds like a great job for you to start back into the workforce. Will be praying for you.

Dave said...

Andy did this when he was in school. He didn't get the job. It might have been because he couldn't put a list of words in alphabetical order properly. Knock 'em dead.

LittleM said...

soooo cool!! I know you'll tell us how it goes. Yay you get to be my muse/mentor some more!

Alicen said...

Oooh, so cool! A library job would be awesome! You've written your own book... what more could you possibly need to tell them??