Thursday, 3 December 2015

Another quick update.

I know I said I would explain more about the chemo and treatments today but I've been swarmed with visitors all day (a good thing, no complaints!) so haven't had a chance to write it all out. And now I'm going to eat chips and read my book so perhaps tomorrow.

Just a quick update though, I'm still feeling great. I've stopped pooping blood! And I didn't have any blood in my urine which is one of the most common immediate side-effects from the chemo medication. It's caused by one of the chemo meds hurting the bladder if it sits around for too long. As a result, they pumped me full of saline to make sure that I was well hydrated and I've been peeing a lot the past two days. And it worked, no blood! I'm also not feeling any nausea (probably thanks to the anti-nausea meds) and my appetite is still excellent.

The only real side-effect that I'm getting is that my blood sugars are jumping through the roof since my steroid levels have quadrupled. It's being heavily monitored but it's a bit frustrating as it means that I'm not absorbing all the calories from all the chips I'm eating when my sugars are high. And since I've lost so much weight, I really need those calories.

The discharge plan is still up in the air. I saw two doctors today and got three different potential discharge dates of tomorrow, Sat, or Monday. So I'm optimistic about Monday and anything earlier would be heavenly.

That's my 5 minute update for today at 1030pm after spending a full day playing games with friends and family. For those wondering if I'm super bored by now, no, I'm surprisingly not. I'm anxious to get home but while I'm here, when I don't have visitors, I seem to always find something to read or watch or colour or friends to text.

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Sue said...

so good to hear this update... thanks for posting . Hopefully you're winning some of those games! :-) Can't wait to play some with you and Isaiah over christmas.