Saturday, 5 December 2015

More pooping blood.

I started bleeding again this afternoon. Ahhhhhhh. Fuuuuuckkkkk. Yes, this calls for swearing. More bloody poop. Anytime the 'd' word is mentioned my body seems to rebel. This morning the doctor had said 'tentative discharge' for today or tomorrow and here I am once again, like last weekend, pooping out blood.

One theory as to why I'm bleeding again is that the high dosage of oral prednisone over the past three days has irritated the mass causing it to bleed again. The second theory is that as the mass was healing, it exposed new blood vessels which have started to bleed. The third theory is that when I was taken off the panto drip (the IV medication that suppresses stomach acid and helps the lining) and put on the oral version, it wasn't strong enough to keep the bleed at bay. There is a fourth theory, my theory, where my body just hates me and never wants to go home for some unknown reason.

My prednisone dose has been switched to be delivered as an IV for the next two days (which is the would end of my 5 day course anyway) to help support theory #1. I'm also back on the panto drip and a scope is scheduled for Monday so they can actually know what is happening. I stressed strongly to the doctor about my need for sedation and apparently it was already charted from last week's scope so it should go better this time around. I think the doctors will believe me this time around. Until then I get to sit tight and spend yet another weekend trying not to poop out any more blood.

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