Thursday, 10 December 2015

The morning I gave my nurse a heart attack and so much more.

Hello....Its me...Amy. I am writing the blog for Alley today as she can't really type with all new  fun lines in and her increased shakiness from the meds.

" On Sunday afternoon, I found out that I was going to get a colonscopy to make sure that there was nothing bleeding in my bowel. If there was tumours that were bleeding in my bowel, they were going to clamp them off at that time. I drank 4 L of the horrible horrible Peg-Lyte laxative during that afternoon and and early Monday morning. It sure did work! Not much sleep was to be had that night. But the good news was that I wasn't pooping any more blood even with the Peg-Lyte. I got down to the procedure room Monday morning and than the doctor changed his mind once he realized that my white count dropped down over half and was scary low. The risk of me getting an infection was too high for him to do the colonscopy. I was not pleased to say the least that I drank that terrible oily artificial drink for nothing. I went back up to my room, and had a good day eating and visiting, minus all the pooping.

Monday night was a terrible night. I developed a fever that they couldn't get down. My blood pressure also dropped. With alot of frantic visits from doctors, and nurses, they decided I had an infection. They did lots and lots of blood work, and started iv antibiotics. I was taken down to the step down unit so that I could be monitored closer.

Tuesday, I was basically seen by every doctor known to man. I am still on the iv antibiotics. The blood cultures shown that it was the same infection that I had a few weeks ago, so hard to say if it is still there from a few weeks ago or a new infection.

Wednesday am, I woke up feeling super dizzy. I sat up briefly to pee and than I woke up with 10 people standing around me with an oxygen mask on my face. They told me that I passed out, and they called a code. My blood pressure had majorly dropped and I passed out. I got moved asap to the ICU where they started me on lots of fluids and blood pressure meds. My blood pressure went back up with the meds. They started an arterial line in my wrist to monitor my blood pressure. I basically slept on and off all day. Later in the afternoon, they took out my picc line as they didn't want to risk that it was the infection source and put in a new fun central line in my throat. It hurt like crazy going in.
They were able to stop my blood pressure meds as well and it has been stable. My hemoglobin dropped to a new low for me, 62, so I also got blood. All the fluid that they pumped into me seemed to have gone a bit into my lungs so I got some lasix to pee it out.

Today, I had a better day overall. My chest was less congested today. My blood pressure is also stable off the medications. I so far have not had a temperature since yesterday afternoon. I was able to sit up in a chair for 5 hours and ate a bit of lunch. Later this afternoon, the iv meds took their toll on my stomach and I have been trying not to throw up ever since, with the help of some gravol and zofran. I was moved this afternoon back to a step-down unit.

Now is just a waiting game to make sure the iv meds kill off the infection, and my white count goes up a bit. As well, my kidneys are a bit slow working today due to my blood pressure drop, so they are hoping those will bounce back fully soon.

The plan for me tonight is to try to catch up on my sleep, not throw up and not pass out. All solid goals. "


Dave VanSlyke said...

Yuck. Feel better soon. REAL SOON!!

Sue said...

Thank you so much for the update... now I can get some sleep hopefully! keep getting stronger and better!!!

Gary said...

Gary said.....u r an remarkable young lady an insperation HUGS &PRAYERS

`You are an amazing young lady an a true insperation HUGS an prayers

helen soucoup said...

Ooooo, I've had that peg lyte stuff and it worked really well on me too. Hope you don't have to have it again! But all in all you have had to have too much of most things! Hope you sleep well, don't throw up and no fainting! Lots of lovexoxoxoxoxoxxoxo

christina mccully said...

You are really given the doctors and nurses a run for their money. Glad you are getting the meds for infection and hope they start working fast. Lots of hugs and thinking of you often