Friday, 18 December 2015

Goodbye Hair!

I've officially lost all my hair. Well, I got it shaved off so there is still some hair but it was coming out in such large chunks that I needed it gone psychologically. There is something really bothersome about losing it in pieces that I needed the control back and to not have so much hair all over my pillow. It's still hard to believe how fast this has all happened.

I did have a bit of fun with it before today thanks to my amazing friends even though it all happened so quickly.

On Monday, we dyed it purple which was an adventure as the hospital doesn't exactly have the right equipment for dyeing hair. It was a lot of fun until I brushed it out afterward and it came falling out. 

My regular greasy hospital hair.
How we dye hair in the hospital.
Purple streaks!
Tuesday, I realized how much was actually falling out so my friend shaved part of it off and I had the half-shaved purple punk look for several days. She had quite the task using the dull hospital razor but managed to do a better job than I would've.

Punk rocker look.
Today, after washing what hair I had left and having so much fall out that I freaked out, I went to the Springhill barber and he buzzed off the rest of it. He was very nice about it, I think he felt bad as I tried not to cry, and wouldn't take my money afterward. Yay for free sympathy haircuts. I thought I was emotionally steeled to have it done but it's still a shock. Plus my head is now cold all the time. I understand now why Isaiah wears toques everywhere.

A tired blurry me. It's been an emotional few days


Dave Malo said...

You've always been about those wonderful eyes anyways. You still look like Alley. Hair grows back. Mine just grows in different places now!

Susan Pitman said...

love the new look... so knitting many colored toques will keep you busy this winter eh? :-) so glad you can be home for a bit and a real tree! yea!