Tuesday, 8 December 2015


In an unexpected twist of events, I'm now in the IMCU in the VG. I had a fever last night and got no sleep as the fever turned into an infection. They couldn't monitor me closely on the floor so down I've gone. I've spent the day dozing on and off while dealing with the rotating door of doctors and nurses.

I'll write more when I'm not quite so tired.


Sue said...

prayers are with you and for you Allie! get your rest and hopefully you'll feel better in the morning...love and hugs!

Sarah McAdam said...

Hey Alley. Love from a stranger. I've been reading your blog off and on for months. I don't know you or your entire story, but I do know you show incredible tenacity.
If there's anyone I don't know who I think can survive and thrive in the face of danger... It's you.
Love and hope to you!!

Anonymous said...

Alley, I have also have been following your blog for quite awhile since your transplant as my daughter (Michelle Matta)(@littlemm) will be facing a transplant soon and she got me interested and I have also read your book(fabulous bye the way!)
I agree with the person above, if anyone can fight through all this its you, you are an inspiration and please know that complete strangers like me are in your corner and wishing you all the very best. Fight on young lady, you are a tough woman!

Wishing you healing
Kaye Birnie
Burlington Ontario