Friday, 11 December 2015

Hanging out in IMCU

Thanks to Amy for updating everyone yesterday! I did not throw up or pass out! Unfortunately, I didn't exactly catch up on my sleep. I'm not use to this 'share a unit with other people' business. Send me back to the private room with the space and the TV! I have standards now!

I was pretty sleepy for most yesterday but today was better, they gave me enough anti-nausea medication that has been keeping the medication side-effects at bay. Everything has been stable the past 48 hours *knock on wood* so the IMCU is ready to kick me out of their little section and precious space. However, my kidneys aren't working as strongly as it should (prob due to meds) so the hematology team wants me to spend another night under strict observation and pumped full of more fluids. There also isn't a bed available right now on the hematology floor so that may also have something to do with the lack of gusto to transfer me.

Well, my computer is about to die as the power cord has separated from the computer during the many moves and I'm about to get an ECG due to my low potassium levels (they gave me a ton all day so hoping it's up by now so I don't need to drink the terrible potassium-OJ mix) so that's all the update for today.

Exactly two weeks until Christmas! Hope to be free by then!

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helen soucoup said...

Okay making progress, now just keep heading in that same direction and you'll be home for Christmas for sure. I do hope you get to sleep a little better tonight. Love ya