Sunday, 13 December 2015

Quiet weekend.

Did I just have a quiet weekend full of family visitors (ignoring all the transfusions yesterday which was still overall stable)? Or is there still time for something absolutely random to happen?

Besides having to pee all night, I slept super well last night. I think being back in my own little space without having to listen to nurses behind the curtain and no longer having fever or chills made a huge difference. The Ativan probably also helped.

There is no real news on the health side of things, my kidney levels remain a bit a high but trending downward so they're happy and just to keep the trend downward, they spent the day pumping me full of fluids while I spent the day running to the washroom.  My platlet levels were up quite a bit which isn't suprising seeing as I had the transfusion yesterday. Anything else the resident told me was lost because he woke me up from a deep sleep at 730am, blurted out all the information, left, and I went right back to sleep.

I don't know what the long term/discharge plan is, the staff this weekend seemed to be more focused on keeping everything steady and waiting for the main hematologist to return on Monday. Right now, steady is okay.

Mom and Dad were here for most of the day which was wonderful as they brought me loads of delicious food and sugary drinks.

Woohoo, quiet weekend!! *knock on wood*


Susan Pitman said...

oh yeah...doing the "quiet weekend" dance!!! Had a wonderful visit with Isaiah this afternoon and he and Gabe cooked supper - simple and delicious. Wish you could have joined us Allie - soon you will be able to. Need your competitive spirit at the games table that's for sure... rest well tonight. hugs

Heather McGrath said...

Fingers crossed!!! ��