Friday, 27 February 2015

Relaxing Friday

I've had a fairly relaxing two days. It's seems like I finally caught a bit of a break for a long weekend. Physio yesterday went okay, my weights are progressing slowly and while my increasing treadmill speed seems to have hit a plateau, I'm confident I can get it up given enough time. It was a bit of a luxury to be able to go to the hospital and attend physio without any other appointments or meetings.

Today was a board game and knitting day. It was fantastic. Except for the nurse arriving to change my wound dressing, I had zero hospital-related activities. No complaints from me! The nurse said the wound looked about the same from last Monday so at least if it is infected, it's not getting worse. I expect to hear about the results from the swab next Monday or Tuesday.

I'm challenging my knitting skills by working on a toque for Isaiah, I finally finished the brim part and have finally made it to the actual toque section. It may be ready to wear by May. A summer hat perhaps?

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Dave VanSlyke said...

It's good to hear that you are now fitting in some "normal" stuff beyond the illness and recovery issues! If the weather there is anything much like the weather here, Isaiah may need his toque in May....