Thursday, 5 February 2015

Still in hospital

I hope everyone is staying warm and dry in the Maritimes! There has been no movement on my front. I'm still hanging out at the hospital. They are talking like I should be able to go home sometime this week but every time they say I should be good to go tomorrow, something seems to come up that keeps me here. Currently, it is my low anti-rejection levels that are keeping me here. They want to make sure everything is at the right level before sending me home.

I have yet to return to physio so that will be my next step this week. I feel ready to walk slowly on a treadmill even though my legs are tired walking around the hallway. These two weeks have really set me back physically, I feel as though any muscle I had built up has regressed. It's super frustrating but I'm not really sure what I can do about it other than continue to go for little walks around the unit.

I really thought I would be further along in my recovery process by this point post-transplant. I know I have to stop comparing myself to other people but it's so depressing to still be at the 'barely showering' stage at this point. I get tired doing the simplest things and it is discouraging to no end but there is nothing else I can really do except keep trying to get stronger despite all the setbacks.


Dave VanSlyke said...

Keep on keeping on, Alley. You will persevere.

Heather McGrath said...

You're a strong young woman. You've come through so much. I can certainly understand your frustration, but you'll get through this one too! Hang in there.