Thursday, 19 February 2015

Bronocscopy #3

I think I still have some sedative in my system so this post may not make as much sense as it should. The third bronc was definitely not the charm that made me more comfortable with future procedures. It was by far my worst experience. Mainly because they didn't give me enough sedative so I was awake during the entire process. The previous two times I was knocked out for hours so I guess they were concerned about overdoing it this time.

They told me that they try not to knock people out completely but use just enough sedative to put them in a happy state so no one cares about the tube being shoved down their throat or pieces being clipped from their lungs. I still cared although I was out enough that I couldn't do anything about it except panic internally. Thankfully it was a fairly short procedure. Of course after it was done, I finally fell asleep for a little bit.

When I was woken up for the "make sure we didn't collapse your lungs" x-ray, the respirologist came out and told me that the bronc went well from their perspective. They were able to get 5 samples from my lungs even though they were aiming for 10. Apparently my lungs started bleeding a bit so they had to stop. She said "your lungs were bleeding" so casually that it was almost eerie. Does she not realize that those are really terrifying words to hear?

The recovery nurses decided I was good to go after about a 45 min nap. I felt okay until I went to change and immediately got a super hot flash and started feeling dizzy and faint. I pushed on and I made it out to the waiting room before admitting defeat as Isaiah commented "you look super pale." He fetched a nurse who took my blood pressure which was super low. She gave me some juice and escorted me back to the recovery room. I rested for another 30 min or so before the nurse declared I was ready to go once again. This time she booked a porter to wheel me to the front door so I wouldn't collaspe in her waiting room (clearly she did not say this was the reason).

Thankfully Isaiah was able to pull the car up close to the hospital entrance and then I basically napped all afternoon once we got home. I was suppose to go to a diabetic teaching session at the CF clinic in the afternoon but I totally bailed. It seemed pointless as I would have either fallen asleep or  wouldn't have been able to focus on anything, considering it took me one minute to fall asleep once I fell into bed.

I'm feeling a bit better this evening now that I've been able to eat something again and have begun the process of re-hydrating myself. I still think I will sleep well tonight despite having slept all afternoon.


Sue said...

night night Allison... sweet dreams! You've earned them today...

LittleM said...

oh hunny.. this post made me sad for you and terrified for future me.