Friday, 6 February 2015


They let me go! Yay!!! After reviewing my blood work and making me promise to return on Monday morning, the doctors decided there wasn't much else they could do for me in hospital. I was given all my new medications with information about all the possible scary side effects, had my IV pulled, and was finally set free.

The problem that the doctors didn't like was that my new anti-rejection levels remain low despite a increase of the dosage. At the same, they are concerned that if they pump me full of the medication too fast then I'll have more seizures. It's a balancing act between getting the levels up to the appropriate amounts and making sure my body doesn't go into shock. They finally decided though that they can monitor everything as an outpatient so now I'll be going in for blood work three times a week to have my levels checked.

The other news upon discharge is that the wound care person thinks that I'll only need the vac machine and dressing for another week. Hurray! While the home machine is way more portable than the one I had in hospital, it would still be amazing to not be connected to anything anymore. It's really annoying to carry it around with me whenever I move around the apartment.

This doesn't mean that my wound has finished healing though. It's still fairly large, it is just becoming too shallow for the foam to fit in appropriately. This means there would be a risk that the foam could start irritating the healthy skin around the wound which would set back the healing process. So in a week I should be switched to a conventional dressing which will be way more convenient. I appreciate that the vac machine has super healing speed but it's super uncomfortable.

Isaiah and I have been celebrating my return by watching TV and generally doing as little as possible. I hope this time I can last longer than three days before being readmitted.

The home vac machine that literally never leaves my side.


Amy Watson said...


LittleM said...

Still reading. Keep meaning to fb message you something longer. I literally check here at least once a day. I was napping today and wondering about how sleep feels with new lungs. Like I would kill to sleep on my back, I feel like it would be so nice on my tense shoulder muscles.. is it weird? do you have to sleep on your back for the first while?

Sue said...

every day out is another day not in!:-) enjoy your time watching TV and just laying around the apartment.
hugs and love

Krista said...

You have many devoted followers. Think of you often and happy to read you made it home again. I love reading your posts and the humor in many of them. You're doing great. I know you don't like to be called inspirational but if a person can go through the ups and downs of your jouney and maintain a positive attitude more days than not, the rest of us should be taking lessons.

helen soucoup said...

Two days and counting! You can do this, I know you can. Glad you're taking it easy and enjoying freedom. Make Isaiah do everything are both heroes.