Monday, 16 February 2015

Vac is gone, hurray

The vac dressing is gone. Yay!!!!!!!

*happy dance*

*collapse on couch before legs give out*

Of course my wound is still quite serious and large. It has just now healed enough so that the black foam no longer fits into the wound and would start irritating the healthy skin if left in much longer. I have just moved to a 'traditional dressing' which means a layer of some antimicrobial gauze with a giant fancy bandaid slapped on top.
It is already much more comfortable. It's nice to be able to walk around without worrying if I'm going to trip over tubing. I was much more paranoid with this one than the oxygen tubing. The oxygen would just fall off my face if/when I tripped on the cord, this one had the possibility of pulling off the dressing. No more weird hissing noising coming from my chest due to a small leak in the dressing. No more noisy machine while I'm trying to sleep. No more feeling as though my chest is being vacuum sealed. And I promise, I will stop trying to make boxy black shoulder bags that are physically attached to you, the new 'it' thing.


Amy Watson said...


Jason Stanley said...

So, if I have my count right, that leaves zero tubes hanging from you.

That also means, if I am right, this is the 1st time you haven't had any tubes following you in over a year.

It must feel wonderfully liberating. Congratulations!

helen soucoup said...

Wonderful news! Coming along in leaps and bounds now, goes with the happy dance!