Thursday, 12 February 2015

I have to climb stairs in 8 days. Gah!

I was feeling as though I needed to go out and do something in the social world that did not involve needles or doctors. So I did something slightly foolish. I bought into the marketing from Mirvish with their discount flyers and got Isaiah and I tickets for the Robin Hood play next week. That in itself isn't foolish. The fact that the seats are on the second balcony and there is no elevator is the somewhat crazy part.

In my defense, I could climb the stairs pre-transplant so I figured that I should be able to do it now. And then at physio yesterday, I barely made it through the 10 reps on the stairs at physio and realized I may have made a huge mistake. I have 8 days to get my legs prepared to walk up to the second balcony. Gah! What have I signed up for/voluntarily paid for?!

Maybe this will give me extra motivation at physio for the next week.  Or perhaps we will have to go super early so I can take a million breaks on the way up. Or maybe Isaiah can just piggy back me up (I have not told him this plan yet, I'm sure his back will be pleased). I will also be super paranoid about catching something from everyone which is going to add an extra layer of fun to the night.

Even though it may have been a bad idea, I'm actually super excited that we are doing something none hospital related. I'll let you know if I make it up the stairs.

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Faith said...

I can't wait to hear how the play is! I've been resisting that deal so far, though every time another email comes from Mirvish I'm very tempted...

Hope the next 8 days of physio successfully prepare you for this endeavor!