Thursday, 26 September 2013

Lets review what is about to happen.

We leave tomorrow! Gah!

I thought I would review what is going to happen once I actually get to Toronto.

  • We move into our new apartment.
  • We find a delicious restaurant to celebrate successfully driving through the city.
  • Hopefully our Internet will be connected in the next week. 
  • October 8th I have my 'listing' appointment where I will be 'listed' (they call it 'listed' when you are officially on the transplant list). Isaiah and I will meet with the surgeon, transplant coordinator, insurance people, and social worker that day where:
              - I give all my life information to the insurance people 
              - I will be terrified by the surgeon when he tells me intricate surgery details of how he will
                 be slicing me open
              - The transplant coordinator will tell me more about the weird side-effects of the
                 post-transplant meds.
              - The social worker will tell Isaiah to go to the group counseling sessions ( I can't go as
                they don't want people with CF to be in the same area together).
              - The social worker will try to get me to go on anti-anxiety meds.
  • I start physiotherapy 3x/week at the hospital after being officially listed.
  • We will then spend all our money at food festivals and concerts.
  • I can not go further than 2 1/2 hours from the Toronto General Hospital.
  • I wait for the call which could take a month or a year or two years (harass everyone you know to sign their donor cards!!!)

That's it!  I'm sure I will learn more about it the actual process on October 8th.

Have a good weekend everyone!


Jason said...

Oh, darn! I forgot to tell you. No restaurants in Toronto. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog. I'll be thinking of you!

Some time you should write about people with CF and support groups and how you said they don't want people with CF in the same room in a post. When I first learned that I thought that that would be the hardest part, especially as a kid, not meeting other kids living with the same condition.

Claire Lederman

Faith said...

Yeah, my first reaction was "why don't they want people with CF in the same room?!" I feel really stupid not knowing the answer, but I honestly can't reason out why.

I'm sure there is a logical explanation?

Melissa K said...

Stop in Kingston?!?!?!?!?!?!? You'll need to eat at least!!!

Susan Pitman said...

same thought and question? children's hospitals have cancer patients together etc etc etc ...what is it with you CF people - don't like each other?? Afraid you'll gang up and take over the hospital? what???
oh and have a safe and uneventful trip to TO...well good events only! love you both

Alley said...

People with CF are just too cool to all be together at once as our awesomeness will be so overwhelming for all to see.

Or for a more boring explanation, it is due to infection control. They don't want people swapping germs as someone could have a bacteria that the other person hasn't caught yet. Things like Cepacia (the scary one), MRSA, Pseudomonas, and a host of other infectious strains. Because obviously the first thing we would do as a group would be to swap as many germs as possible.

Ruth B. said...

Thanks for explaining Alley. I also wondered... We are only an hour away so please call if you want to get out of the city or want a home cooked meal 'cause you're tired of all the fabulous restaurants in Toronto or you've spent your grocery money or any other reason.

Amy Watson said...

We would take over the world.....

Helen said...

What about other germy people, can we visit you?