Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Thank you student loan!

My student loan has been forgiven! Hurray for having a severe permanent disability that renders me unable to be employed...! (or maybe not so much) 

I have been in repayment assistance since February which has thankfully meant that I haven't had to worry about making payments. However, it is nice to know that I won't have to keep reapplying every 6 months or worry about reaching the max months allowed for repayment assistance.

So thank you student loan!  I will miss all the times I hit '1 for English' 7 times before the system kicked in, or all the times you called me just to let me know you would be mailing me something. And then you mailed me the same letter twice. Or when I received two letters from you, one saying I had to pay you my right arm for interest incurred and the other saying that all was fine. We may have had our differences and I may have (yes, I did) sworn under my breath at you for your inexplicably horrible website and high interest rates but now I never have to speak to you again. Woohoo!


Anonymous said...

Are you talking with a European accent now that you have a debt free education?

Helen said...


Alley said...

Haha well I'm pretty sure that I had re-payed enough before this to not qualify for speaking with a European accent but I might consider that idea (although I'm not sure what a 'European' accent would entail...a lot of 'oui oui's' with a British accent while drinking delicious beer?)

Jason Stanley said...

That is fantastic news. Congrats.