Monday, 21 October 2013


I got my pager today! I have joined the realm of med interns, super secret spies, and....whoever else happens to still be using technology from the 50's. It is paid for by Bell who gives free pagers to all the people on the transplant list. So thank you Bell for doing something nice for people.

I feel better having it as it means I no longer have to panic every time my phone battery goes below 20% or the very few times I happen to restart it. However, now I have something else to try not to loose and to have on me at all times. I am not responsible enough for this! I misplace stuff all the time. At least it makes the loudest shrill eardrum-piercing-noise possible so I will be able to find it if it ever goes off. Which with my luck, will probably be in the middle of the sad song of Les Miserables which we are going to see next week. Woohoo!

My fancy new accessory!
My test worked! I am suppose to test it once a week but knowing me I'm going to test it every day and totally drain the battery for when it is actually needed. 
Why are you so angry Mr. Pager? Maybe because no one loves you anymore?

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad they haven't trashed everything from the 50's! Some of think it was a great decade!