Wednesday, 23 October 2013

RIP Pharmacists

I had a check-up appointment at the CF clinic yesterday. Despite the fact that it was 4 1/2 hours long (I drained my phone battery playing candy crush and killing zombies), it went well. It was my second time at this clinic (first time back in July) and everyone is super nice and took time to review my chart even though they were incredibly backed up. I've lost a little bit of weight since July but my lung function has improved slightly so it wasn't too bad in the end.

The doctor gave me a real prescription for the salt-water masks that I have been using the past two months (I've been using pharmacy samples) as the mask is quite effective at bringing up all the crap in my lungs in the mornings. I took the prescription down to where they said the pharmacy would be but I couldn't find anything that said 'pharmacy'. The hospital is quite old and looks like a place where one would film a horror movie so I wasn't very keen on wandering around trying to find where the pharmacy was hidden. I asked the kind volunteer at the help desk and learned that the pharmacy is no longer called a pharmacy, it is now a 'prescription care center' and I had walked by it three times.

I guess I missed the announcement that the word 'pharmacy' is no longer vogue.

Are pharmacists still a thing or should I be calling them 'prescription care providers'? Not that anyone would know what that means. I guess their main job is filling prescriptions so maybe the name change makes sense but they also look at people's random rashes and tell you if you do indeed have pink eye so maybe we should be calling them 'prescription, pink eye, and random rash care providers'. That would clear up all the ambiguity that the word 'pharmacy' creates.  

After my prescription was cared for, I was walking to catch the bus when a guy started to ask me for money but instead told me that I looked strung out and that I needed to relax. Obviously I still looked confused about the disappearance of pharmacists.

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