Sunday, 20 October 2013

Apartment Pics

I know everyone has been wondering what our apartment looks like now that we are all moved in (you are about to be shown either way). If you don't remember or missed it, here is the video of the apartment my cousin made when he was apt hunting for us (again, thank you!).

Here it is with a much more 'lived in' quality:
Our home!

Living area
Bedroom with closet
View to the left
View to the right


Amy Watson said...

Love the big tree!

Alley said...

Yes, unfortunately it is plastic. I was trying to figure out yesterday the best way to clean it without having to wipe off every leaf one at a time. I haven't come up with anything better than putting it on the balcony and hoping the wind would blow all the dust off but not have the plant blow away.

Helen said...

Nice place Alley! But you could of put the toilet seat down for the photo! Your mum won't be pleased.

Alley said...

Haha I had actually just cleaned the bathroom and the seat needed to dry off.