Thursday, 10 October 2013


I had my first physio appointment today! It was a bit boring at first as everyone showed up at once and I had to wait for the physiotherapist to find my file and to get around to showing me what I should be doing. I was sent over to the far side of the room away from everyone as there was another person there with CF at the same time (he was fairly easy to spot, the only other youngish person who also had a crazy cough). We each have to stay on our own sides and I have to ask people to fetch me the weights or my workout card as I am suppose to touch as little as possible (they are seriously intense about this).

Once I actually got to work out a bit, it was fairly non-intense. I assume it will get more intense as they figure out a good routine for me. I basically walked on a treadmill, did a few weights and stretches, and rode an exercise bike for a few minutes until I got kicked out as the 230 group was coming in and there was someone else with CF in that group. I will definitely have enough time for my schedule once I don't have to wait for the physiotherapists.

Even though I was in the side by myself, I did met one man (well, actually his very chatty wife) who had a double lung transplant 2 months ago and was listed for only 3 months which is a good news story. Everyone else was carting around their oxygen tanks so I assume they are also waiting for transplant. Back to the gym in the morning! Next week have a Mon (except not because it's a holiday)-Wed-Fri schedule which makes a bit more sense.

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