Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!! We aren't doing anything this year. I didn't even get a pumpkin to carve, for some reason I feel like the condo management would frown the whole 'putting a pumpkin in the hallway outside my door'. If not management, the cleaning person would not be pleased as it slowly rotted. And it seems silly to carve a pumpkin if no one will enjoy it. The condo might be having a thing for kids in the lobby but seeing as there have been no notices about it (there are notices for everything!), I am assuming no. Although if kids were allowed to trick or treat in buildings it would be a pretty sweet haul as there are more people in our group of condo buildings than the entire population of Petitcodiac. (est. 1.5 people per unit,12 units per floor, 36 floors, 4 buildings = 2592 people)  Instead we will celebrate by buying cheap Halloween candy tomorrow.

In Halloween celebration, I made some cards. I do love making cards.

 In this case, I get more of a kick out of the envelopes.

I hope I didn't give the postal workers a scare.


Amy Watson said...

The envelopes are terrifying!

Alley said...

Hahaha the postal people must hate me.