Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Maybe I should stop being so blunt.

I finally went for a massage today after months of saying that I was going to go. I find they really help relieve the tension around my shoulders and lower back. I went to the massage school here as the massages are much cheaper, the only downside is that the students do a very thorough assessment at the beginning before starting the actual massage. I guess that it's good they want to cover everything but do they really need to know my entire health history?

I put on the form that I was waiting for a lung transplant as I figured it might help if they know why my back muscles are so tight. The massage therapist obviously knew nothing about the lung transplant process (because really, why would she?). She asked me when the surgery was scheduled to I replied that 'no, they call me whenever lungs are available and I go to the hospital'. She responded that that really sucks and it would be easier if they could just schedule it. I agreed but said something like 'yeah but they don't know when people are going to die and that is how they get the lungs'.  That was when she looked slightly horrified and moved onto another subject. I forget sometimes that people aren't very comfortable talking about death.

I guess I should be a little more sensitive about the issue when talking to random people.

The good news is that the massage was very good (I had to tell her twice to give me more pressure as I like super deep massages but once we got past that, it was excellent) and I feel all limbered up. All ready for physio tomorrow morning!

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~G said...

Never stop being so blunt Alley! :) it helps keep the rest of us from getting sand in our hair.. ;)