Thursday, 25 July 2013

I had a dream I died during a lung transplant

Well, last night I had my first 'transplant' dream. It was terrifying.

I must say that I have incredibly vivid weird dreams every single night so having an uber-realistic dream is not new to me. I also tend to dream about the situations I am currently in. Every summer when I worked at the pool, it would take about a week before I would have my first pool/child drowning dream. When I've started new jobs or internships, I've always noticed when I had my first dream about the job as it meant that it was finally part of my psyche. I don't look for deeper meaning into my crazy dreams other than that they are usually about something I have been trying to process, thinking about a lot, or a book I have been reading. 

So, having a transplant dream is not surprising and I am not looking for deeper meaning other than the fact that it is obviously something I am still processing.

If you want to dig out your dream books and analyze it further, here is how it went (For those who don't care, feel free to skip over this part because I know how boring it is to hear about other people's dreams): I was in a waiting room by myself in a very sterile empty hospital. Everything was a ugly beige, the walls, the seats, and the counter. Then I was wearing a hospital gown laying on one of those white hospital beds being wheeled down the hall by faceless people (people in my dreams never have defined features). All I felt was extreme loneliness and panic that I would never see my partner again and that I never got a chance to tell everyone that I loved them. I was then wheeled into the surgery room which was all very blurry and then someone told me to close my eyes, gave me a sedative, and then I died.

Obviously that was when I woke up in a complete panic and with a very intense feeling of loneliness and loss. I woke up my partner in my panic and told him that I had a horrible death dream and that if I never got the chance again, I hope he knows that I love him. He just rolls with these wake up calls by this point in our relationship so he sighed, told me he loved me too, rolled over, and held me until I calmed down enough to fall back asleep.

Thankfully, my next dream was being at the Long Island Medium's house with my sister and we were trying to sleep but kept getting woken up by various contractors who needed to make sure the supporting beans were still stable. Then we were getting on an airplane but my sister kept getting sick so I stole some crackers from the house to help her stomach. That is the last time I read about the Long Island Medium on Wikipedia before going to bed. 


Amy Watson said...

That is a scary dream. I don't know if I like your second one better, that i am sick on the plane, though its funny we were at that house!

Alley said...

I worked really hard to steal the crackers for you so you wouldn't be sick on the plane!