Monday, 15 July 2013

Container gardening

I can't believe I haven't talked about my little garden yet. The reason I'm going to give is because I checked 'N/A' on my long-term disability application when they asked about gardening. I was nervous that the person processing the forms were going to somehow find this blog and if I mentioned my 'garden' then I would be rejected. Seeing as they found another reason to reject me, I can freely mention it now.  The more truthful reason for not mentioning it earlier would be that I've been too lazy to find batteries for my camera as I've given up on the iphone camera.

A little background, I love gardening. I have been growing vegetables in containers for a few years now seeing as I was student-living in apartments where there is no land. The one apartment I had with a little land unfortunately had little sunshine on that land so I still put my vegetables in containers on the sunny patio. I started my plants in April or May and after being a bit too zealous with my watering, I went to my mother's house and 'borrowed' some of her plants.

I was very impressed that nothing died while I was in Ontario. I am less impressed with the plants after spending the weekend eating tomatoes and cucumbers from my cousin's plants.  I guess that is the trade off of living in the cooler Maritimes.

Cucumber! Someone please pollinate me!
I enjoy trying new plants. Experiment #1 - Sunberry
Experiment #2 - Peanut
Ground Cherries are growing well!
We cannot keep up with the lettuce.

Experiment #3 - Melon What are the chances of actually getting fruit?
The containers may not be pretty but they do the job.
Hot peppers. Every time summer I buy a pepper plant and am not impressed with the yield. Every fall I vow that was my last year trying pepper. The next spring I find myself buying another pepper plant at the market. Maybe this will be the year it pays off.
My pathetic attempt to entice the bees to come pollinate my veg plants. A flower gardener I am not.


gary soucoup said...

If I was a bee I'd pollinate your plants.

helen soucoup said...

Try banana peppers they do really well hereblack plastic to absorb the heat maybe around the pot or on the wall behind the plant?

Alley said...

Hahaha Thanks Gary!

Alley said...

Banana peppers are a good idea. I've only tried bell peppers before and they never grew very big. This year I have a type of hot pepper that I am hoping will be a bit better. Black plastic is also a great idea, especially for the melon plant.

Amy Watson said...

Everything looks great!!