Friday, 12 July 2013

And that concludes my week in Toronto

Well, I survived the week. I was poked, scanned, had ultrasound wands jammed into my stomach (who knew that an "abdominal ultrasound" meant being jabbed with the wand in and around the ribcage), I met with the transplant team, and I feel like every part of me has been scuitinized to the fullest extent. If there is anything else wrong with me, they are sure to find it.

Overall it was not quite as exhausting as I thought it might be. I was usually done by mid afternoon which left me lots of time to relax, stroll around, and eat at a few of the many many delicious resturants in the area. If I end up moving to Toronto, all my money is going to be spent dining at various resturants.

The interviews with the various professionals (social worker, doctor, physio, etc...) were the most emotionally draining as they wanted to know about every single aspect of my life. "Compare your life now to 3 weeks ago, 6 months ago, a year ago..." Ah! I don't know, I do not reflect on my life often enough to know. Everyone also wanted to know where I needed help in my day to day life. I would mention that my partner tends to cook and we evenly spilt the housework. They would say "oh, so he helps you around the house?". I would respond that he has cooked and cleaned since we started living together so it has not changed that much, I just do things a bit slower than previously. I do not understand why him doing some of the chores means that he is 'helping me'. It is like they think if I were healthy he would sit around while I did all the work because apparently we warped back to 1950. No, we split the chores because we are a couple and that is what couples do. We both take care of the apartment because we both live in it. He is not cleaning to "help me out", he is cleaning and cooking because that is his responsibility as a member of the household. Do you ask the sick men what the women are doing to "help them out around the house?". If the women cooks does that mean she is "helping" or is she mearly just doing part of the housework as a member of the family? Ah! *Deep breath* End of rant.

Moving on, I will find out in a month or so if they found anything and what will be the next step in this crazy process. But for now, I will be spending the rest of the weekend lounging beside and in my cousin's pool with a beer in hand soaking up the very hot Ontario sun.

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helen soucoup said...

It might be a long month? Enjoy the beer and the pool!