Sunday, 7 July 2013

Caught in a downpour

We made it to Toronto.

It might be possible that I may have had a slight panic attack this morning while getting ready to leave. I basically became super overwhelmed with everything. I know rationally that nothing is different then it was yesterday, every time I have to do something concrete that deals with the transplant, I freak out a little inside (and out). It is fine when it is an abstract concept (in a week you will go to Toronto) but every little step closer to the transplant makes me super bummed and I want to run away. Obviously I did not run away as I'm sitting here in my B&B but I either need to just accept the fact that I am going to freak out anytime I have to do anything or figure out a way to not get so overwhelmed. So far my coping mechanism has been to freak out and then try to find something to distract me until I either work through the emotions or have a private place to freak out again. I am just making sure the psychiatrist will have something to do so he won't lose his job (see, I'm a job creator). Watching a guy at the Moncton airport try to find his bag after he left it unattended was a good distraction this morning (he did get it back, the cafĂ© worker had turned it into security who disappointingly did not blow it up).

 On a more pleasant side, I had 3 pretty awesome moments today:

1) The Air Canada flight from Montreal to the Toronto Island airport is amazing. Ok amazing might be pushing it but compared to the other flight, it was much better. They serve chips, chocolate bars, drinks, and wine (for free!). There was even a little bit of leg room and you are super close to the city. I have pretty low expectations for airlines and being fed chips surpassed those expectations.

2) The street car we were on kicked everyone off during a crazy downpour due to 'maintenance problems' (not awesome) but when we were standing outside of the shelter because it was full of street car people, 2 different people let us share their umbrellas. One of these people actually opened his umbrella up (he was under the shelter) and proceeded to hold it for me for at least 10 minutes. Thank you kind sir. I send some good karma your way.

3) The B&B turned out to be as good/maybe better as it appeared to be on Tripadvisor. They have Scrabble and loads of books and movies which I'm sure we will be taking full advantage of over the next few days.

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