Sunday, 3 May 2015

Toronto Islands

I finally made it for an excursion to the Toronto Islands. It's somewhere I've wanted to visit since moving to Toronto but pre-transplant I was nervous I would get the call and be stuck (or panicked) on the island. So we finally made it out this weekend, on Isaiah's birthday!

We first stopped at the market first to meet up with a friend and grab some breakfast before wandering down to the ferry. It was a gorgeous day which I thought would be perfect for relaxing on the beach or grass with our books.

Obligatory picture from ferry.
Things never quite turn out the way they were planned. We walked around the mini-amusement park and petting zoo (all the rides looked like miniature versions of real rides), had a quick lunch by the beach, walked around by the school, and said good-bye to my friend before renting bikes for an hour (she had somewhere to be, we didn't just ditch her randomly).

The lamb was chasing the peacock around, it was adorable.

After exploring the east side of the islands with our bikes, we then explored the west side by foot. By the time we reached the end, it was time to hop on the other ferry back to the mainland. All in all, we walked over 8km and I read zero pages of my book.
Along the bike ride!
We found the raccoon that was missing from the zoo!
Proof we were on the actual islands.
1269 KM to Halifax. Soon enough.
Did you know the Toronto Island airport is located at the site of the original baseball field of the Toronto Maple Leafs (yes baseball team) and is where Babe Ruth hit his first professional home run? Now you do!
Best park sign ever.
Needless to say, we were both exhausted when we finally made it home and tried the new(er) cafe that opened in the adjacent building instead of cooking. Turns out their crepes are quite delicious (or we were really hungry) as are their fancy coffees. I think I may be in trouble having this place a one minute walk away.


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thankyou for the quick tour of the island...I always wanted to go there but never took the time...looks like you had the perfect day to explore.