Wednesday, 6 May 2015

High Park

I know, I've been slacking a bit with the blog. The weather has just been so wonderful and the terrace is now open so I've been spending a lot of time outside. Yesterday, Isaiah and I visited High Park to look at the cherry blossoms. I've been adamantly checking the tracking website to see when they would be at 'peak bloom' and while yesterday the website claimed it was still a day away, everything looked in bloom to me. 

We went super early (because I can't sleep in anymore), which was good because even on a cloudy Tuesday morning, a day or two before 'peak bloom,' it was crazy busy by the time we left. This weekend will be chaos. Stay away or go early!

We also hiked around a bit in the non-blossom areas and visited the little zoo again. The peacocks were definitely feeling spring love and competing for the affection of the peahen who seemed to have zero interest. The turkey in their enclosure seemed slightly confused.

Cherry blossoms!

A swam that seemed annoyed by all. It probably had a nest nearby.
More blossoms.
Llamas look funny with haircuts.
The Highland calves are still adorable.
One peacock that needs some love.
One last look at the cherry trees.
The painters have descended on the park!


christina mccully said...

I love reading your blog and I am so happy that you are getting out and see Toronto. Keep up the great work

helen soucoup said...

You're looking great Alley! Oh and the blossoms are nice too