Tuesday, 12 May 2015

A month of self-motivated exercising.

I'm into my fourth week of exercising on my own and my motivation is remaining high which is fantastic. As well as going to the gym, I've been out cycling a bit more. Last Thursday I cycled out to my cousins in Oakville for some pizza and returned home via GO Train. 40 km, woohoo! It wasn't easy, at one point I called Isaiah almost in tears to see how far I had left as I wasn't sure I was going to make it up another hill. Riding a heavy 5-speed bike from the 80s is not the ideal situation.
1/4 of the way to Oakville!
1/2 of the way to Oakville!
GO train home. It was the faster option.
On Sunday, Isaiah and I went to Tommy Thompson park after making sure it was actually open this time. We joined the bird watchers and intense cyclists out to the lighthouse and around the lagoons. There were a gross amount of seagulls hanging out on one side of the park. It's a miracle we didn't get pooped on. The view is suppose to be fantastic of the city as the park is behind the islands but it was such a smoggy day that we couldn't see much. I coughed a bit more than usual and I think it was because of the air quality. Another reason to be excited about returning to the Maritimes.
The end of the park!
There is a city somewhere under all that smog.
I have managed to get into a kind of routine at the gym around the weights but every time I see some of the intense women doing weights, I feel like I should be doing more. It's hard not to compare myself to all the people around me. It's quite motivating that maybe one day I'll be the one sprinting backwards on the elliptical (ok, probably not) or doing squats with the barbell.

I'm able to manage a quick jog across the road but I haven't tried anything more than that as my legs seem to always be in some type of pain (currently, it's my kneecap area). At least I'm able to do that movement again, it was lost for a long time. I hope that soon I'll wake up without leg pain and will be able to go to the park and see if I can run for 30 second intervals.


Dave VanSlyke said...

A 40 Km cycle, lifting weights, self motivated gym time and a "quick" jog.......just look at you go! You'll be back east in no time.

helen soucoup said...

Okay so now you're starting to show some of us up! 40kms!!!!
You go girl!