Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Doors Open Toronto

One of the things that will be hard to give up when moving back to NS, are the never ending activities happening around the city. Last weekend was Doors Open Toronto (part of Doors Open Ontario), we went to city hall to see the mayors office, council chambers, visited old city hall (now a courthouse), a separate courthouse/law building, the TIFF movie archives, the old exchange building, and a church. Oh, and the fort across the street. It was all very cool to see the behind the scenes buildings. There were a million more places we could've visited but we didn't want to wait in line for them and I was tired after all the walking.

We also happened across the film set of the Suicide Squad which is taking over the city. They've shut down younge street for several nights this week and are closing several other roads for their action montages. I hope the movie studio is paying the city well because it's annoying anyone who has to drive anywhere downtown.
St. Andrews church. Their "Wine, Cheeses, and Jesus" weekly group sounded quite interesting.
Action! We didn't see any actors, only a wedding party taking pictures by the set. We couldn't tell if it was an actual wedding party who really like supervillains or part of the movie.
The old exchange building. It resembled a school gym.
The law library at the courthouse. If the books weren't all super boring law books, I may have never left.
Judge Watson.
Art work at city hall.
Where the mayor hangs out to gaze upon his subjects.
A better view for gazing.
Where the councilors get into brawls.
Our apt is under attack!


Anonymous said...

You have probably seen more of Toronto than people who have lived there all their lives!

Anonymous said...

Did you get a chance to go to Casa Loma? It's been years and years since we've been there but I remember being impressed by seeing the castle and the awesome stables - not sure what it is like now. Not sure of the tour cost but I think it is part of the Toronto CityPass discount tickets you may still be able to get.....neat place............Nadine B

Alley said...

We went to Casa Loma once when when the library program was still giving out passes for it. It was very cool but I got bored by the history of Toronto. The grounds looked gorgeous too but I didn't have energy the day we went to explore them.