Sunday, 24 May 2015

Six Month Assessment.

Six months ago today, I got the call for the transplant. Well, rather the nurses got the call and informed me. Two days later the transplant happened.

This means that my six month assessment is happening tomorrow with my bronchoscopy taking place on Tuesday. I'm clearly nervous about the appointment for whatever reason as last night I had horrible dreams about forgetting to fast for my blood work, taking my meds immediately before my bronch, and not making it to any appointments. Clearly my subconscious is trying to work through some stuff.

I will admit that I'm not looking forward to Tuesday's bronch. And by 'not looking forward to,' I mean 'am absolutely terrified about' this upcoming bronch. The nurse and doctor reassure me that my lung function is doing well and my weight is higher so they can pump up the meds a bit more. However, that's what they said last time and it was just has horrible so I don't have much hope.

My goal is to not almost faint in the changing room after the procedure like I have the last two times. It's like as soon as I walk any distance, my body decides it's had enough torture for one day. I guess that's why they won't let you leave without someone responsible to take you home.

Once I have all the tests over with, as long as everything comes back negative, I should be cleared to leave the province. We've given our notice on the apartment for the end of June and now just need to find somewhere to live back in NS.

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Dave VanSlyke said...

Face this dragon like you've faced all the others - head on. It must be tough when the mind wants to mess with you but you've shown how tough you are so many times. Look how close you are to coming home! Eye on the prize.....