Tuesday, 26 May 2015

6 month assessment results.

It's my 6 month lungiversary and I survived my bronch! I'll even admit that this bronch wasn't horrible. It wasn't pleasant but it didn't fill me with the 'I'm chocking and about to die' sensation that the other ones have. My chart was also prepped with a comment about my near faints the last two times so they kept me longer and sent me off in a wheelchair just to be extra safe. I stuffed my face as soon as I got home and am looking forward to a early bedtime.

My appointments yesterday all went fairly smoothly. I thought I might have time to knit for a bit while waiting but everything seemed to take forever because the computers were running slow in the entire hospital. No one can function without their computer systems anymore.

Here's a brief summary:

Pfts: My lung function was about the same as two weeks ago. I had to do the full workup which took about a hour and half. Afterward, my lungs felt as though I had been through an intense workout. Pretty much because they had. The respirologist also did a test where she gave me four puffs of Ventolin and tested my fev1 afterward to see if they increased with the medication. They did not and only made me feel super shaky and send my heart rate soaring.

My fev1 lung function seems to have plateaued at around 1.7 at the hospital and 1.8 at home which is roughly 55% the predicted amount. I asked my coordinator if I should expect this to now be my permanent number or if it would increase a bit more. She said that everyone is different but some people take at least a year to reach their max lung function as the body is still healing during that time. So there is still hope that it may increase during the next six months.

X-ray/Ct-scan: These were both clear. No issues. Yay!

6 min walk test: I crushed my pre-transplant best. Double Yay! I made it 628m (pre-transplant best of 585m) which is pretty good even with almost being taken out by a guy in a wheelchair trying to get into the bathroom. My hamstrings were on fire about halfway through even with all the exercising I've been doing. Seeing as my walk test 3 months ago was 437m, an improvement of almost 200m in three months is pretty good. The physiotherapist told me to not be disappointed if it's lower at my 9 month assessment but, let's be realistic, of course I would be. Onward and upward!

Blood work: Most of my blood work looked fine, my anti-rejection meds have finally come up to the therapeutic level. Hurray! Let's hope they actually stay up there. The big surprise is that my cholesterol levels are double the normal amounts. It seemed completely random until the doctor informed me that it may be a side effect from the drugs. He's giving me until my next assessment to see if I can lower it through food or else I need to go on the lower-cholesterol pills. Less cheese, dairy, and red meat? Noooooo.

Wound: My wound is pratically closed. The doctor recommended the dressing continue for another week to protect the sensitive new skin and then no more dressing changes. Yipee!

Clinic: Everything was straight forward at clinic. I got a bunch of letters to give various health professionals when I return back to the Maritimes. I was told that everything looks on track for leaving at the end of June. I'll continue with weekly blood work to make sure my anti-rejection levels stay stable even though most people at the 6 month mark only need blood work monthly. Ah well. Best not mess around with medication levels.

PICC line: It should be coming out come as soon as I get a negative results from my bronch biopsys. Which I will of course get, right? Fingers crossed. I want it out so I can a) shower without saran wrap around my arm and b) go swimming.

One month left to explore the city!

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Lots of good news! Hurry home!