Thursday, 14 May 2015


I only have two weeks left at pottery. Boo! I spent last night on the wheel but it was not my night. I couldn't seem to center anything so I only managed to make two wobbly vase-type things and a wobbly plate.

I did get back the Dr. Who stuff and they turned out amazing! I love the scarf mug and the cyberman mug is way more adorable than a cyberman should be. Ah well. After pottery, I spent the night thinking up pieces to make next week. Of course now I have way too many ideas for a three hour class. It's hilarious to think that the first week I was wondering what to do.

Plate with underglaze!
Gravy boat-type thing.
Dr. Who scarf mug!
Cyberman mug.
We now have a Dr. Who tea set!
All my cream and sugar dishes!

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Dave VanSlyke said...

Your pieces are beautiful and very creative! Anyone receiving them as gifts will be very lucky.