Friday, 17 October 2014

Pottery continues

I've been good about going to the pottery drop in the last two weeks. The TARDIS teapot has been glazed and sent back into the kiln. It took me the entire two hours on Wednesday to glaze it. I always feel as though I have so much time at the beginning but then end up madly rushing at the end. I'm still not sure if I did the spout correctly. I tried to pour some glaze through it to make sure that it will be sealed for when it's used for water but now I'm worried that I put too thick of a glaze in and it will seal itself off. If that happens, I'll need to somehow chisel it down so it'll actually pour.
Dalek mug I made last week! None of the circle things fell off!
The layers on the cover didn't stay stuck together for some weird reason. Maybe I didn't use enough of the glue stuff or not enough pressure? Whatever the error, it all came apart so I was told that using glaze to adhere them together would also work but it won't be completely smooth. The teapot already has the 'flying through space' look so I don't think a little more unevenness will make a difference.
The bottom glaze looks purple here. It should be a denim blue! Fingers crossed it turns out right.
The little window detail took me forever. I have so many ideas now how I would do the next one differently. Maybe by my third one, I'll have it right.

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Anonymous said...

Love the teapot!