Thursday, 2 October 2014

Isolated from all!

I've kind of recovered from the horrible news on Tuesday. Mostly because I haven't had time to think about it furthur. While still at the clinic appointment on Tuesday, physio called to inform me that they had just heard from my new transplant coordinator that I required isolation while exercising. Apparently no one had read my file or they somehow didn't realise that I grew certain bugs. Now that they know, apparently I'm suppose to exercise in isolation.

I found out more on Wednesday when I went in for 8am (urgh!!) where I was the only one in the physio room. They don't have an actual isolation room so they kicked me out at 9am even though I hadn't completed everything. I told them it would not work as a long-term solution and they had to come up with a better plan. So far their better plan is for me to stay home Friday while 'they come up with a better plan.' They seemed as confused as me as to why I suddenly need isolated after a year.

The entire thing seems silly to me seeing as how clean the physio room is, everyone is so paranoid in wiping stuff down. Also considering after leaving physio, I'll be using the same elevator, bathrooms, and doors as everyone else. It's infection control for namesake only. I think they just want to be able to say that they are doing something to avoid germs spreading.

If I do end up in some weird isolation time or room, I think I'll miss seeing other people at physio. I know I don't really talk to anyone but I still get some comfort in seeing the same people every week and seeing them progress or get a transplant. It's so nice to see someone go from pre to post-transplant and I'll miss all that if I'm being shunned from everyone.
I guess the one plus to all this stuff happening the last few days is that I haven't had time to feel depressed. I've been too busy between doctor appointments, dentist appointments, on the phone with physio, and napping. Now I just need to wait to hear from physio about a plan that doesn't involve me rising before sunrise. My body needs sleep, people!

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