Friday, 3 October 2014

Pottery drop-in class.

I went to a pottery drop in class today. It felt so good to be playing with clay again. I honestly think attending pottery classes has kept me mentally healthy, or relatively so. I have been feeling better this past week. I think with everything that's been happening, I honestly haven't had time to sit and feel super bummed out. I'm still going to see the psychologist on Tuesday though.

I wasn't sure if I should sign up for the fall pottery session as I wonder if I'm going to hit a pottery overload. Then I was hospitalized and I wanted to wait until that was all straightened out. So by the time I went to sign up last week, all but two of the classes were sold out. The only options left are a figurine class that doesn't really interest me or intermediate wheel throwing which says you should be able to comfortably centre the clay and make cylindrical shapes, both of which I'm not really able to do consistently. I figured that basically made the decision for me and maybe I would go to a few drop in classes instead.

However, at pottery class tonight, the instructor said that she would let me in her class, providing the enrolment people approve (and they should, it's more money for them). She said since I've been there before and 'know what I'm doing', it would be fine. I know what I'm doing apparently! The class would be better for me as I would actually attend. The problem with drop in classes is that I always say I'm going to go and then come up with a million excuses the day of as to why I should stay home instead. Whereas if I've already paid, I'm going even if I'm tired.

Tonight I worked on what I hope will be Isaiah's Christmas present so NO telling!! And no, he never reads my blog.  It might turn into a teapot if I'm feeling super ambitious or it might just be a small container to sit on a shelf. Two hours goes by really quickly.

I also got my pieces back from the drop in class I did when David and Cindy were here. One piece looks amazing and the red bacon plate from before still looks pretty weird. I'm at a loss as to what to do with it, my next plan is to glaze it black and hope that covers the mess. David and Cindy's stuff turned out great though, they just have to return to glaze it. An excuse to visit!

Second glazing of my weaved piece. I love it and will have a hard time giving this away for Christmas as previously planned.
David and Cindy's creations! They were pretty busy in the 2 hours.
Cindy also made a beautiful bowl that I'm keeping unless she returns to claim it.

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