Saturday, 18 October 2014

Halloween cards!

I spent yesterday listening to podcasts and making some Halloween cards. I think festive cards need to extend to other holidays and not just around December. Everyone loves getting cards!

This years theme is apparently is orange and bats. Although to be fair, that is probably the theme of most Halloween cards. The bats extended to the envelopes as well. While not as spooky as last year's ones, they still scream Halloween. I honestly really like bats, I think they're kind of adorable and they eat all our mosquitoes. We should really be doing more to save them from that white nose syndrome that's wiping them all out. What else do we have that can eat half its body weight in insects every day? I don't think pigeons are going to be volunteering any time soon as they chow down on our garbage and french fries. 

They're Spooktacular! And yes, I made that joke all day about everything.

Bat envelopes potraying how bats drink nectar from a flower. I guess slightly less informative when each person only gets one card each. 

Look how cute he is with his face full of pollen. He looks like he's about to sneeze.


Dave VanSlyke said...

I love the Halloween cards! They will be very special to the lucky recipients!

Amy Watson said...

Will the post people be too scared to mail them??

Anonymous said...

Not so adorable when they get in my house!!

Helen said...

Can't wait to get ours.....if you send me one of yours, I'll send you one of mine.