Monday, 8 September 2014

Waiting Game: 11 Months

11 months waiting. Gah. I don't even know what to say anymore.

I spent the weekend fighting off a cold/infection which really cut into my weekend plans of stalking celebrities at TIFF and attending the Leafs FanFest. Instead I found myself napping, whining at Isaiah to bring me things (he is the best),  and trying not to throw up noodle soup.

I'm feeling 5% better today as my 'feels-like-I-ate-glass' throat and 'never-ending-snot-producing' sinuses have calmed down a bit. I booked a CF clinic appointment tomorrow this morning after calling the CF nurse to tell her my woos. I'm, of course, paranoid that I've somehow contracted the enderovirus 68 that is going around the US right now. I have some of the symptoms! Vomiting (check), respiratory illness (check), irritability (check!).

So a quick recap of the past month:

- Physio remains ever the same. I'm now on my 12th yellow (green is for those who are post-transplant) work out card. Woohoo...?  I'm suppose to do a walk test this week but I hope I can get it pushed back a few days to give me some recovery time. Seeing as I skipped physio today and will probably not make it on Wed either, I'm sure they will accommodate me.

- My health has been up and down this past month, this weekend has definitely been another down. I had a bit of an infection around the middle of the month so I took two weeks of antibiotics and besides the crazy side-effect headaches, it clearned right up and I felt awesome. Until Friday. While I was laying in bed yesterday, I realized how little it now takes to knock my energy level down to scary lows. When I'm feeling 'fine', I don't think about how sick I actually am or how little reservoir I have left. Then when I have to use it, it's a total shut down and now takes forever for me to recover. I use to be able to keep going at least a bit when I had a cold or infection but that has totally disappeared. It freaks me out a little as it's a reminder of how little my lungs and body can handle. 

- I still have no shortage of visitors. Mom and Dad were here last month along with a few friends stopping by for meals. David and Cindy are next followed by some other friends. There is no time to miss the family!

That's all I can think of right now. It's time for me to drink some more tea and lay down. 

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Amy Watson said...

Feel better soon! Get some magical drugs tomorrow!