Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Itchy Arm

Argh! My arm is so itchy! I still have my picc line in and the tape is driving me crazy. The doctor thought it would be best to keep it in on the off chance that the oral antibiotics don't work. If everything clears up in two weeks, than they'll take it out.

In the meantime, I have to try not to scratch my arm off. My skin does not react well to medical tape, it's all red and bumpy around the tape area. I took some ibuprofen last night and I think it helped a little bit but popping ibuprofen all the time is not a good long term solution.

Other than my arm itching, I'm feeling ok. The rest of David and Cindy's visit was low-key. We opted to play board games and relax instead of visiting the art galley or science centre. I also did nothing today (besides resisting the urge to scratch my arm) so I'm being good about the whole relaxing bit. I'll probably head back to physio on Fri or Mon just so my muscle mass doesn't completely disappear.

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