Monday, 15 September 2014


In an unexpected turn of events, I'm home to stay!

I guess it was kind of expected but not expected so early. 

The doctor decided that since my IV medication targeted a bug that didn't show up on my last sputum culture, there was no point for me to continue on it as it wasn't doing anything. And since NS does cover the expensive antibiotic, it made much more sense for me to be home rather than stay in hospital on oral antibiotics. Since everything else is stable, I had no complaints about any of that so off I went.

It was definitely the shortest and most pleasant hospital stay I've ever had. That hospital wing was fantastic. The nurses were knowledgeable, gave me space, let me administer my own meds, let me sleep in, and just all around fantastic. The food, while not awesome, was as good, as I've come to realise, mass-produced food could be. The best part was the optional CF menu where they let me order chips and chocolate bars for snacks. I had just learned to ask for two bags of everything when I left. I'll know better if there is a next time.

While it's great to be home and I'll absolutely sleep better and relax more, it's the first time I've left the hospital feeling like I haven't been fixed. In the past, I've stayed at the hospital for at least two weeks, sometimes three, until the antibiotics had their a full run and I was feeling back to my baseline.

Now, however, they discharged me more because it was silly for me to stay while on oral medication and not because I'm doing that much better. I mean, I am doing better than when I first went in (I'm eating more than crackers and bread), but I'm certainly not back to my baseline energy-wise.

It's good that I'm home but I'm concerned that I'm going to overexert myself instantly which would put me right back in. It's easier to do when I'm home because I want to do other things than sit on the couch. Like fun things with David and Cindy or even boring things like clean the apartment. I need a shock collar that zaps me whenever I decide I'm going to do something too active. Me: "Let's go to the zoo tomorrow!!! *zapped* Ahhhh!! I guess I'll sit here and read instead."


Anonymous said...

Welcome home! Maybe Amy has an extra dog collar you could use for zapping!

Amy Watson said...

I'll mail it up!