Saturday, 13 September 2014

Hospital Update #3

I have visitors for the weekend, yay! I'm sure they are thrilled that their vacation has turned into visiting me at the hospital. I've been given the clearance to leave for a few hours tomorrow afternoon which is excellent.

One of my IVs has also been switched to a pill which is great. It was the one that took two hours so it's nice to get rid of it. Although to be honest, it doesn't make a huge difference to me as at this hospital, they try to avoid disconnecting and reconnecting patients after every IV. They say it is to reduce infection rates as the less they touch the IV ends, the less risk for infection. My IV pump is pretty quiet compared to the ones I've had in Halifax so at least I'm able to sleep while it's on.

There is also talk about me getting out of here in less than two weeks. I don't want to get my hopes up, but since I've seem to have broken the "feeling too gross to eat which makes me tired which makes me feel too gross to eat..."cycle, and my last sputum culture showed that I was no longer growing one of the weird bugs that they had been targeting, I may be off my remaining IV med sooner rather than later.

It will all depend on whether or not I can get funding for the oral antibiotic for home. I know NB and Ontario doesn't cover it but I'm not sure about NS. If they don't cover it, than I'll have to pay for it out of pocket or stay in hospital to get covered. Can anyone explain to me why the hospital would rather pay for someone to be hospitalized to get their medications rather than just pay for the patient to take the medication home? Everyone I've talked to about it seems perplexed about it. 

Fun/terrifying bathroom decal that a previous patient left.
Playing cards with Isaiah.
Tapeing up my PICC line so I can shower.


Anonymous said...

Well Nova Scotia government usually comes through better than NB with health care coverage. Here's hoping.......... And is that heart on fire or flying?

Alley said...

It was both flying and on fire.